Love Rosemarie's classes, wish I'd found them sooner! We do some stretching and breathing, which will be really helpful for labour, then some relaxation time which feels like such a treat for a busy mum. Afterwards we grab tea and cake together to make it a really sociable morning. Would definitely recommend.

Helen - first time practicing yoga


Rosemarie is brilliant - I felt immediately at ease at the yoga classes. The actual class is perfect for stretching and relaxing and it has been so nice to meet other mums to be and have the chance to stay for a slice of cake and a chat at the end. A lovely start to the weekend.  

Jen - regular yoga practitioner



Rosemarie's yoga classes are exceptional!  She starts us off slow then works us up into a yummy juicy flow. Her classes are fantastic for people of all yoga levels from beginner  to intermediate. 

Lyndsey, East London


Our regular evenings have been an absolute pleasure since Rosemarie joined us! She is brilliant at adapting her sequences to the mixed levels we have in our class, and always ensures we spend time working on areas that are underused when sitting at desks. She is very attentive: effortlessly making everyone feel included and pushing us all to do the best we can.



Rosemarie is a very calming instructor.  The class always has a very relaxed atmosphere. Rosemarie always starts with a basic position or movement and gives additional options to suit those at a higher level of competence, allowing us to build-up to more challenging asanas. Although I always try to carry out the instruction as best I can, I always feel that I am able to slow-down or change to a more comfortable position if I need to.

Private Equity Firm, EC2



Rosemarie leads weekly yoga for staff at our school.  Her sessions are highly popular and always full. All staff tell me how much they enjoy the sessions.  So much so that what started as a 5 week course has been extended and Rosemarie now leads weekly sessions.

The sessions are aimed at all abilities and experience and activities are modified for the individual as appropriate. Rosemarie’s sessions are not only popular because they are enjoyable but also because she makes people feel welcome and comfortable.

Secondary School - East London



Thanks for another great session Rosemarie.  Me and Heather Glenny are feeling relaxed, happy and focussed.  No better way to start a day.

Erfan & Heather Glenny - London


To fit in with my working life and to gain the most from the time available I chose private one to one classes with Rosemarie. Having always been relatively fit but never having found a yoga style that suited me, I was introduced to vinyasa yoga in April 2015 whilst in Nepal. Over 6 days I learned the basics and had a programme to follow. Having come back to the UK in October 2015 after 18 months travelling I was keen to continue with my vinyasa and Rosemarie was recommended to me.

The sessions were fun and informative and gave me the confidence to continue with my practice. Rosemarie is a lovely Teacher and her love of vinyasa just flows from her. She is attentive and encouraging and I would recommend her to anyone who is considering one to one classes. Enjoy!

Gill Burn - London



As a student of some years, it was nice to explore the asanas more carefully and closely.  Having a one to one practice lets you ask the questions you can't in a large class.  Rosemarie tailors the sessions to your own personal needs.

Elaine Odli- London



I had an epithany half way through the 121 class. I see things in pictures.  A very vivid idea formed in my head and now I know exactly why I booked this session!  Thank you Rosemarie!   I need my notebook to recall what came up for me. 

Graphic Designer



I went to Rosemarie because she seemed to be very experienced and also focUSSEd on supporting you in a wider sense, looking at the reasons for the lack of motivation, frustration. I wanted a programme of stretches and exercises that would help me to be more flexible and stronger. I also needed one that I would feel comfortable and able to complete when I travelled.

Rosemarie took time to talk through my issues and frustrations and develop a programme that suited my needs.  I had joined group yoga classes and exercise groups previously but they didn't help me develop a routine that suited all my needs. Independently I would begin exercising but would quickly lose direction and focus.

After the classes I felt " buoyed up" by Rosemaries approach. I felt that over the 1:1 sessions she built up a programme of stretches and exercises that specifically met my needs but I also felt enthusiastic and positive. Definitely worth the money! And in large part due to Rosemaries personality - warm, open, relaxed, positive and a good sense of humour. I'd recommend Rosemarie to anyone!

Maggie McMahon - London



Upon recommendation by my doctor and at 57, I was a little reluctant to start yoga, but I will say that over 12 months of coming to Private 121 yoga & pranayama sessions with Rosemarie is one of the best things I have done!  Rosemarie is a great teacher and is professional through and through.  

She doesnt taken anything off the top shelf because she actually takes the time to work with me and how I am.  I love coming to her private yoga sessions and the benefits for me have been brilliant.

Margaret - London