Private Yoga Classes London

Private, one to one yoga sessions work because they are tailored to your individual needs and requirements. 


What to expect...

Private yoga classes are 121 so they are at times that fit into your schedule and work around your timetable.

The sessions are held in your home if you are in London or a private studio in East London.

Benefits of 121 yoga

Whether you are a beginner to yoga, or are used to a regular yoga practice, you can benefit from 121 yoga lessons as a way to correctly learn the basics, or enhance your practice. 

Benefits for working with a yoga teacher 121 include:

  • Tailored classes to suit your level, fitness and personal objectives
  • As a beginner learn the basics without feeling embarrassed from being in a class environment
  • At an intermediate or advanced level, work on specific postures or routines that will challenge you to continue to develop your practice.
  • Feel the benefits of having a dedicated teacher to correct your postures, answer your questions and listen to your goals.


Private Yoga Enquiry Form

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Private Yoga starts from £60.