Is it safe to do yoga in the first trimester?

There are mixed views on doing yoga in the first trimester....

I did my pre-natal yoga teacher training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli of Womb Yoga.  Uma describes the first trimester as 'weary'.  The reason why we are weary during the first trimester is because the body is working incredibly hard to build not only the baby but also the placenta to sustain the baby.  This will usually make you incredibly tired in a way that is hard to describe until you experience it.  Nodding off, can't keep your eyes open, fall asleep with your mouth open kind of tiredness.

Uma describes this period as climbing an imaginary mountain range with no respite.  The thing is at this point probably no-one, except your partner, may know about the pregnancy.  You won't be showing either.  But the tiredness lingers on to the point where you will be lucky if you can keep your eyes open after 7pm!  With all this going on affecting you emotionally as well as physically and spiritually, it's a time for nurture and nourishment.

Then of course there is the nausea that is often associated with this trimester.  This is said to be caused by the massive hormonal shifts that are taking place inside the body.

So, should you do you yoga in your first trimester or not?  

I wouldn't advise it.  Look, if you have a regular practice already, you can choose to make some gentle and kind adjustments to your practice.  Keep it simple.  Take lots of rest and listen to your body.  Be really kind to yourself and use this time to self nurture.  No long holding of poses.  Care for yourself with gentle breathing practices, (pranayama) with no retention.  Put legs up the wall.  Supported baddha konasana (butterfly) pose and savasana (relaxation).

I would suggest you wait till the first trimester is over and then resume your practice advising your teacher when you return to yoga.  If you are completely new to yoga, pre-natal yoga is a brilliant place to start practicing yoga.  

Pregnancy Yoga London

Seek out a specialist pre-natal yoga teacher for a deeply nourishing and nurturing practice that can help you to find more space in your body to encompass your growing body.  It allows you to connect with yourself, your feelings and the new life growing inside you.  

It also helps you to meet with other new mumas-2-B who are going through some of the exact same things that you are going through and you can compare notes and maybe make friends.

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